Events 101: 5 Questions to answer to know if you can survive as an events implementor:

More and more clients are into the “new media”.  Most are placing budgets on digital and activation.  Mostly both. Why is that?  Consumers now, want to experience the brands and not just see or hear them on traditional media. (Print, TV and Radio).

I’ve been in the events business for about 7 years already and majority of the young people I know have expressed their desire to venture in my chosen field of specialization.  The big question I pose to them is, are you up to it?

Here are 5 questions the answer will  somehow tell you that you can leave your day job and go full time into events management:

1.  Are you details oriented?


No matter how small a detail can be, it can usually spell the success or the failure of your planned event.  Many people I know make the mistake of not having a check list and making sure that all items agreed upon are accounted for.  What common items would that be?  It can be the trasportation allotment, food for your crew, the flowers for the center piece or as menial as the pins and duct tapes.  No detail should be overlooked.

2.  Are you a people person?

Silly question you might think.  But it is important that you at least have good raport with the people you will need to work with.  It helps get more of the task done.

3.  Are you patient and good with numbers.

You need not be a math genius, but at least know the basics.  Excel sheets will be your best friend.  Knowing how to do formulas and lists will facilitate and expedite your work.  Plus less risk of going over your budgets.


4.  Are you prepared for overtimes and sleepless nights and even days?

The two most dreaded words, Ingress and Egress.  Most events will require your time.  It takes a lot of time to prepare for an event, whether it be a small event or a large scale event.  A good led time to follow is about 1 1/2 months preparation.


5.  Can you handle the pressure?

Events management can be one of the most pressure laden job.  You act as the conduit for your clients and your supplier.  You should be able to handle problems as they come.  Event being “live” has the biggest risk for mistakes, so one must be a good trouble shooter.  He or she must be knowledgeable in all aspects ( video, music, entertainment, budget etc.) this is to ensure client and guests ‘ satisfaction.

So before you venture to events management, make sure you ask the questions above.

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