How Twitter helped me.. Just an idea of how you may inspire others..


After email and facebook, I did not know what else I can do on the http://www.  But since I have plunged into the world of Twitter, everything has changed.

Today, I would just like to mention some of the benefits that i have gained since becoming a twitterholic..  some people make jokes about me twittering all the time, i guess those like me would be able to relate.  Well, I just thought it would be a great idea to tell why I have been addicted.

1.  Twitter has given me training that i would not have gotten anywhere.  Imagine learning from the experts themselves.  I have met designers, bloggers, copywriters, speakers, SEO and social media network experts.  They give resources that they have learned from their own experience.

2. I have learned to share.  Sharing of ideas and learnings is the real main essence in Twitter.  You give to others what you have benefited.  Most of the people I follow, encourage this principle of giving back.  It is amazing how a group of people from all over the world converge in one medium and communicate and build a community just by answering, what are you doing?

3.  It has taught me to inspire.  When I started Twittering, I almost gave up on it until i crossed paths with some very cool people @mayhemstudios, @coffeetalkee, @rdeal1 , @andysowards who in their own way have given me the inspiration to go on.  I was so inspired that I now have 3 blogs that i post on. There are so many other people I have interacted with since Dec 25, 2008 and all of them have contributed to my growth in the digital world.

4.  I use to sit quietly whenever I had meetings on digital media, web, mobile etc. I was so overwhelmed with the technicalities.  Sometimes I would just ask myself, why am I even here.  Things changed after I started twittering.  Now I can proudly say that I can even edit html..  LOL, but I still have a long way to go, but now i am not so scared, I know i just need to be patient and strive to learn even more.  It has been such an exciting ride for me.  Now I am called a geek at the office, something that I am proud of because it is not easy to learn something overnight, it really takes commitment and dedication.

5.  The best part of it all, I am happy to say that in my own little way I have already influenced some of my friends to start blogging and twittering.  To share their thoughts and feelings as well as their learnings and experiences to the world.  For them to have fun and not be afraid of technology.

So let me post the question to you.  What are you doing?


~ by mistybelardo-mcpadden on January 28, 2009.

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