Take a deep breath and exhale..

I thought it would be a good idea to take a breather and post something that is personal and i feel still relevant to most people.

Lately, I have been so swamped with work that i have been really stressed out.  I’ve literally been snapping at people around me and biting their heads off.  Not good.

Being busy or have so much going on at work I feel doesn’t excuse us from being mean to others.  So I told myself, just relax and sit still and not think of work even for just an hour.  Well, it worked.  Don’t feel so stressed anymore.

I realized as well that taking breaks from work and engaging in some activity makes me calmer, thus allows me to work more efficiently.  I have also learned to let go.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not telling you to slacker but more of tackle things one day at a time. Stop if you feel that you need to.  Stressing yourself does not get the job done faster.  Think about it, when you try to do everything, most of the time you make mistakes already.

Some ideas on what you can probably do:

1.  Have a cup of coffee

2. Take a stroll

3.  Watch an inspiring movie

4.  Go window shopping

5.  Update your status in your social network

6.  Read a chapter of a book

7.  Exerciseor go to the gym

8. Call a friend and say hi

9. Read a blog

10. Post a Tweet ( not too much though)

Just some ideas that I hope will alleviate your mind and then go back to the grind.  I guarantee you, it will make you more productive and have staying power.  So tell me what do you do when you take a short break and exhale?


~ by mistybelardo-mcpadden on February 5, 2009.

4 Responses to “Take a deep breath and exhale..”

  1. Not too much tweeting? Oh, no! =)

    You make a really great point in stating that consciously taking breaks allows you to come back to your work and do a better job at it. I see a lot of people trying to get ahead by working 90hr weeks in a constant state of exhaustion when they might very well get more done with 25hrs of focused effort!

    Thanks for the list! I’ll have tea.


    • Thank you Seth for taking time to read. I think it was your post last night that gave me the inspiration to also take the time to stop and write something personal. Now I know why you have so many followers on Twitter.. I am so glad I’m following you! : ) you are inspiring

  2. Outdoors is always a good idea- just a break a different perspective , a little bit of the “real” world. I walked by a school today and the kids choir was practicing – it was beautiful. Thanks for posting this

    • I do agree with you. The outdoors specially when weather permits is a great way to break away and just have our “me” time.. thanks for taking time to read and comment

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