Why not do a food tour for your next activity?

china town courtesy of Marga MarquezAfter I posted an article (http://digigirlmisty.blogspot.com/2009/02/are-you-tourist-in-your-own-country.html) on a food tour that we did for an office activity, i got a lot of reactions from people on Twitter.  So i had an idea for my next post on here.

It is always a challenge for people to come up with new ways to celebrate a birthday, an anniversary, even an office bonding activity.  Well, why not try a food tour?  Here is how you can go about it?

1.  Find a day that would enable everyone in your group to be free.  Or at least have 4 hrs to spare within the day.  It can be shorter of course depending on where you want to do it.

2.  Location:  have you been to China Town, or maybe try Indian Food, or Japanese or why not a steak tour or street food tour?  Try to find a place where you can actually discover new stuff to eat.  a place where most of the people in your group have not gone to before.

3. Get a tour guide.  Have someone talk to you about the beauty and the history of where you are.

4. Allow time for people to also stop and shop.  This makes the experience very memorable and fun

5. Remind people to bring their cameras.  It is always great to be able to take pictures so that you can share it with your friends or a souvenir of your experience.

6. Wear comfortable shoes.  Most of the time people walk.  Better to be comfortable than sorry

7.  Wear comfortable clothes.  Make sure you wear something appropriate for the food tour, some restaurants do not allow people in slippers, shorts or sandos to dine in. You don’t want the extra hassle on the trip.

8. Use your judgement when trying out the food.  make sure you are not allergic or that your stomach can actually take it.  Some people have sensitive stomachs.

Most of all have fun and bond with the people you will do the food tour with.  And just do it!  Have any of you gone to a food tour before?  Share your experience with me.

Food Tour courtesy of Proximity / margamarquez photo


~ by mistybelardo-mcpadden on February 10, 2009.

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