How to Place Social Networking IDs and weblogs On an Article.

A friend on Twitter has asked me how do one place links of Twitter, Blip etc on their blog.

1.  One way is to add buttons on your site which is available on the web.  Just follow the instructions given and include it as a widget on your site.

2.  If you want to do a blog article and just share it to your friends.  Just include the link.  Example: I want to link my Twitter account to this article.


Type in your Twitter account name and then highlight.  After you highlight, Click on the link tab found on your menu bar.


This will window will then appear.  Here is where you can edit the link.


Copy the url of your twitter account on the Link URL space.


You will notice that the @mistygirlph has changed color and when you mouse over it will tell you that it will take you to the said account.  This means you have been successful in adding your twitter link to your blog.

Just follow the steps until you have already added all  your other social networking IDs.


~ by mistybelardo-mcpadden on April 26, 2009.

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